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Фото товара

Technical parameters:

Model DIM-125
Digital parts The total number of effective pixels 5000000
Maximum resolution 2048x1536
Image resolution 2560x1920 ~ 1600x1200
Video Resolution 640x480
Digital imaging device Sensor size, 1/2.5 inch, digital imaging device must be built on 8-inch digital LCD monitor, the 500 million digital imaging device is not exposed, a digital imaging device without connecting to the computer that is able to 500 million pixels camera video, directly to storage.
Large-screen LCD 8-inch TFT display with a resolution of 800x600
Video Interface AV output (selectable NTSC / PAL)
Data interface USB 2.0
Menu Language Chinese / English
Storage SD Card (up to 4G)
Exposure mode Programmed auto exposure
Input Voltage 100v-240v, 60HZ/50HZ
Date Display Years Months Date Time Points
Part-ray machine Lens zoom range 0.7x ~ 4.5x
Zoom ratio 1 : 6.5
Magnification 19x ~ 120x
Field 6.8x8.9 ~ 1.0x1.3mm
Working distance 88mm
Accuracy 0.01mm
Working stroke 30x30mm
Minimum reading 0.001mm

» Как купить "Контроллер КСМ-540"